Alex Marshall Sports Ltd is the new distributor for Aero and ComfitPro in the UK and Europe, headed by Alex Marshall MBE, Tom Stamper and Gus Blair.

There is no need for an introduction to Alex Marshall MBE – the most successful Scottish Commonwealth athlete with a record 5 gold medals and an amazing 20 world titles to his name. Tom Stamper has a successful business background and a past record of working with big stars in the bowls market as well as previous experience within the game of bowls. Gus Blair is a well-known name to many bowling clubs across Europe. With his natural ability, Gus has won many medals at the World Bowls stage. His knowledge and reputation in the game is a big plus for Alex Marshall Sports.

With Alex, Tom and Gus leading the way, there is no doubt that Alex Marshall Sports can expand on the established presence of Aero and ComfitPro in the UK and Europe.

AeroBowls is the world’s most advanced manufacturer of Lawn Bowls. Aero is already the largest selling brand in Australia and New Zealand and is quickly becoming a major force within the UK and Europe.
Aero was founded by Walter and Sharon Jacobs with the aim to manufacture bowls where every bowl of the same model is exactly the same, something that had never been achieved before.
After extensive research and development with highly skilled engineers and programmers together with the world’s best players, AeroBowls acquired precise digital lathes/milling machines to make the worlds’ most accurate bowls using these high-tech robotic machines, with the bowl being made from beginning to end, never moving off its plane. This process is completely different to the other bowls manufacturers.
In addition, the company have been at the forefront of innovation with the introduction of the Trifecta range of two and three colour bowls, alongside development of unique grips, including the revolutionary Z Scoop grip. As well as quality, the company prides itself on giving its customers a large CHOICE of COLOURS, GRIPS, LOGOS, LOGO STYLES and PAINTWORK COLOURS.
Together with bowls, the company have been selling the highest quality bags, shoes and accessories worldwide making the Aero Comfitpro brand the premium brand in bowls.